Uniform Policy

Rockdale Academy Uniform Policy 2019-2020

Uniform Policy

  • Students are required to be in uniform daily!
  • Teachers keep daily documentation. Individual and class incentives often will require students to adhere to the dress code to be included.
  • If student(s) come to school out of uniform, parents will be contacted and student(s) will be asked to change into a temporary Rockdale uniform for the school day. 


  • White, light blue, navy with a collar and sleeves.
  • Shirts must be tucked in at all times. If a shirt can’t be tucked in, it is too short, and should not be worn.
  • No halter tops, sleeveless t-shirts, tank or spaghetti-strap shirts are permitted.
  • No graffiti should be worn on tops.


  • Navy or khaki shorts, skirts and pants
  • Jumpers, capris and skorts are acceptable as well.
  • Belts should be worn to prevent pants from sagging below the waistline.
  • No short skirts or shorts. 
  • No graffiti should be worn on bottoms.
  • No leg warmers


  • Closed-toe shoes only.  
  • Flip-flops are not to be worn to prevent injuries.
  • No open-toed shoes are permitted


  • Bandanas, scarves or hats are not to be worn on school property.